Effective Business Networking (in a post-covid world)

Jul. 21st @ 8:30 am – 10:00 am
Virtual & In Person: Holiday Inn Wilsonville
25425 SW 95th Ave
Wilsonville, OR 97070


Nationally known networking expert, Beth Bridges, will inspire us to “network on purpose in a digital world.”

We are moving back into a world of in person business interactions. But connecting virtually isn’t going to go away. What that means is that business professionals like yourself are going to need a connection strategy that balances and melds both in person and virtual networking.

This workshop will provide you with the following takeaways:

  • How to have a networking purpose and plan in person and virtually
  • Strategies for making the best impression and get to “yes” faster both online and IRL (in real life)
  • Leveraging in person networking with virtual appearances, and vice versa

About the Speaker:

Beth Bridges became known as the Networking Motivator after attending and running over 2500 in-person networking events over a 10 year span. Her book, Networking on Purpose, hit #1 in two categories on Amazon. She is the founder of the Brilliant Networker’s Strategy Club and the Brilliant Networker training series. She serves as the Chief Networking Officer for Blitzr.com, an innovative networking, collaboration and community platform which combines the power of traditional one-to-one networking with the efficiency of the digital realm. She has an extensive digital marketing background and in the real world, she has been a nationally ranked age-graded runner in the half … mile. Visit her at www.TheNetworkingMotivator.com or find her events on www.Blitzr.com.