America has been described as a melting pot, and if that is so, Wilsonville is simply a microcosm of that imagery.

With excellent schools, parks, jobs and housing, Wilsonville truly does bring people of different backgrounds and socio-economic status together in a city that has kept its rural charm. Whether you are a professional who has a new job 20 minutes away in downtown Portland, a young family that is attracted to Wilsonville because of excellent schools and parks, or a 20-something working at one of the manufacturers in town, Wilsonville has a unique blend of residents.

But the make-up of Wilsonville residents is only equaled by its location. Every spare day you have a choice of taking a jaunt to Mt. Hood for some great skiing and snowboarding, making the 90 minute drive to the Oregon Coast for fun at the beach, or catching a WES train and Tri-Met Light Rail to the rich cultural life of downtown Portland.

But you don’t have to leave Wilsonville if you want to enjoy recreational activities. Nestled along the Willamette River, boating, fishing, swimming and other water sports are as simple as visiting the boat ramp or Memorial Park near the city center. If you want to see urban nature, Graham Oaks Nature Park offers miles of trails that show off Oregon’s natural beauty and wildlife. For families, each neighborhood has its own park, with open space for your kids to play, build forts and make friends.

Wilsonville truly does offer something for almost everyone.