Business Advocacy

From signs to clearing the way for future development and even tax code, the Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce has your success in mind. Our primary objective is simple, make business a priority and we do that in every issue we approach.

Operating a business is work enough in itself, without having to worry about the latest city council agenda or what regulations the state government is going to put on your industry. That’s where the Wilsonville chamber comes in.

We help members understand current topics, like healthcare reform or how to effectively use social networking.

By representing nearly 450 businesses in Clackamas and Washington counties, we have the influence to help business leaders in our membership. We stay out in front of the issues, by providing useful and timely information. We are prepared to have the chamber board respond quickly to policy issues that arise from time-to-time.

We work collaboratively with local government representatives, elected officials and trade organizations to make sure business isn’t hampered for entrepreneurs in our counties.

When complex issues come up, we not only research the topic internally but bring in experts to educate our membership in an attempt to help the business community understand issues.

In the past we have taken this approach with transportation, tourism, urban renewal, economic development and education, having regional leaders speak at the South Metro Leadership Forum, giving members access to these influential individuals.

Going forward, with the exciting opening of the Oregon Institute of Technology and the existing facilities operated by Pioneer Pacific College and Clackamas Community College, we want to link with education systems both to develop future chamber members but also to attract qualified workers to stay in the community.

That’s the philosophy of the Wilsonville Chamber, to partner whenever possible to help look out for the interests of the region, and business community in the Portland metro area.

If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Kevin O’Malley, CEO at or 503-682-0411 x 2

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