Pocket Productivity


You have more power in your pocket than they needed to send a man to the moon – and yet if you don’t know how to use your phone, it’s just an expensive and distracting paperweight.

You need to know how to harness that power and make it profitable, so you can run your business instead of having it run you, and be the most profitable member of your business team.


In “Pocket Productivity,” audience members will discover:

  • A plan to stop wasting money and time on useless apps
  • The ability to leverage the tools already on their phone
  • The what and why a tool is useful – or not
  • A workable plan for various parts of their day to be more effective and efficient, and profitable – without spending a fortune!


About your guide:

Phil Gerbyshak is a recovering tech nerd and small business owner who has several hundred apps on his phone – so you don’t have to. He runs his consulting business mostly from his phone, and with the helps of tools, tactics and apps that Phil loves to share so everyone can have more pocket productivity.