Sales Navigator Jumpstart


Wondering how some people actually get business from LinkedIn, while others just waste time? Want to know how you can have 10,000 connections on LinkedIn, and still slice and dice your network to focus on the most critical 200 prospects and referral sources? The tool you need is LinkedIn Sales Navigator – and you can learn how to use it FAST! If you’re looking for the FASTEST, most EFFECTIVE way to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the Sales Navigator Jumpstart is for you.


You’ll discover:
• Why you need LinkedIn Sales Navigator – not Premium or just a free LinkedIn Account, if you’re serious about sales;
• How to setup your Sales Navigator instance for maximum success;
• How to find your target accounts and leads, and how to find more just like them;
• How to connect to virtually anybody using Sales Navigator;
• How to message many of your ideal client profile – without using any of your InMail quota;
• And many more tips and tricks.


About your guide:
Phil Gerbyshak is the author of Social Selling Essentials (due out in December), a social selling expert who trains and coaches small businesses across the country, and who has been using LinkedIn Sales Navigator since LinkedIn launched it in 2014. He credits using it effectively with much of his social selling success and efficiency the last 7 years.