Five Necessary Behaviors for Effective Prospecting BRAD

Guest Blog Contributed by Chamber Member Brad Kleiner of Sandler Training Grounded by Cedar Root

Prospecting is the lifeblood of a successful sales career… but many salespeople overlook the basic behaviors that support a consistent prospecting routine. Here are the five necessary behaviors professional salespeople need in order to become successful at prospecting.

Have a cookbook. Prospecting by itself tends to be the last thing that we want to do… with the result that we come up with all kinds of good reasons to do other things during the selling day. Of course, we do need to have a healthy balance between all of your activities. The question is, what daily mix of activities supports our income goals? By crunching the numbers, analyzing the results, and creating a “recipe” for daily progress, also known as the cookbook, we can identify exactly how many deals we need to make, how many conversations we need to have, and so on… every single day.… Read the rest

Float On With These Boat Safety Tips Boat

Guest Blog Contributed by Chamber Member Kyle Bunch American Family Insurance

Float On With These Boat Safety Tips

Does a wave of anticipation wash over you before each day on the water? With common sense boat safety training, there can be less worry and more excitement.

Are You the Captain?

The captain of the boat is the leader on the water. Knowing how to avoid incidents and having a plan if something does happen will give all your passengers peace of mind.

Completing a boater’s safety course before embarking will help you understand state laws and brush up on first aid. State links can be found at

Keep your distance. Staying 100-150 feet from shores, docks, buoys, other boats, swimmers, and mooring or swimming fields is required.… Read the rest