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Our Community Raffle-Wilsonville benefits the not for profit work of the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce and partnering local non-profits.

Help Us Help Our Community with The Chamber’s Community Raffle! Win Over $10,000 In Swag!  One lucky winner will receive a cash prize of $5000.  Other great prizes include a $1,500 Carnival Cruise trip for two and 20 other great prizes from local Chamber businesses!

Tickets are $50 each and if your purchase two you get one free!  Only 1500 tickets will be sold.  The drawing will take place on December 12, 2018.

Contact Kevin O’Malley for ticket purchase information or visit OurCommunityRaffle.com
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Guest Blog Contributed by Chamber Member Dr. Liz Sedlak of Willamette Integrative Health

Humans have eaten wheat for about 8000 years. But until recently (within the last 100 years or so), nearly all bread was made sourdough-style, with starter cultures rich in lactobacilli as well as some other bacteria and yeasts. These bacteria pre-digested most of the gluten protein for us.

Our pancreatic enzymes digest proteins into small peptides or single amino acids. Gluten has a high content of the amino acid proline which puts many “kinks” in its structure and therefore prevents human digestive enzymes from cutting it into tiny pieces. The largest fragment of gluten left over is 33 amino acids long. There are at least 50 toxic fragments of gluten; these have been mapped to specific domains in α-gliadin: cytotoxic activity (aa 31-34), immunomodulatory activity (aa 57-89), zonulin release and gut-permeating activity (aa 111-130 and 151-170), and IL-8 release in celiac disease patients (aa 261-277).… Read the rest