How Will My Business Survive Another Lockdown?

The next couple of months will be telling ones. We’re not saying a lockdown is inevitable, but a lot of communities have spent the past week or so escalating their precautionary levels and this article will give you some advice for overcoming slower business times with a potential shelter in place order.

Ditch Your Space

We’re not making any friends with landlords here but there are some businesses that just don’t require storefronts anymore. One way to survive is to eliminate your biggest expenses, and for most, rent (or mortgage on a building) ranks right up there at the top of the list.

Is your business the type that can function without a physical space? What are you giving up? A survey by website provider BlueHost in August 2020 found that 48% of business owners surveyed said they saw no reason for a physical space in the future.… Read the rest

3 Ways to Stand Out When Everyone Else Is Trying to Do the Same

There can be a desperation that you feel on social media. Many businesses are creating content that demands “look at me.” But while some may believe that “shouting” into social media is the way to get attention, it rarely is. Usually, all that accomplishes is someone ignoring you the way a stranger might sidestep a toddler having a tantrum in a grocery store.

Yes, tantrums get attention but not the kind you want in order to get customers to buy from you. Instead, you want a more subtle approach. Here are several ways you can get attention for you and your business that have nothing to do with shouting or demanding it.

Show How You Help

Sure, telling people how you can help them is very important.… Read the rest

7 Easy Steps to Maximize Your Google My Business Listing

Most people will agree Google is a large part (dare we say owner?) of the internet, at least from a marketing perspective. That means whether we like it or not we have to try to play nicely with the giant search engine. One of the easiest ways to get on Google’s good side is through ensuring Your Google My Business listing is optimized.

While it seems pretty obvious how you can optimize your listing there are still many businesses out there that don’t do it. And yet it’s so easy to make these quick changes and additions.

1. Fill out the entire profile. You know that quote about intentions and a certain road to somewhere paved with them? It’s definitely true of businesses that say, “I’ll just fill this out now and add the rest of the details later.“… Read the rest