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Ron & Marianne Lachini began with a dream to start a small, family-owned estate vineyard focused entirely on producing uncompromising Pinot Noir. ​The team at Lachini Vineyards brings years of experience in both the vineyard and winemaking. They are committed to retaining the character of each vintage and the essence of each vineyard’s terroir.

Their ultimate goal is to create wines that are seamless and textural, with the structure and balance to complement fine cuisine and benefit from longevity. Because every vintage is different they do not believe in recipes.

“With due respect to science, we believe that true artisanal winemaking is based on intuition, sensitivity and passion. Therefore, we employ respect and intuition using ‘old world’ methods in concert with small yields, gentle handling, attentive sorting and fastidious blending. 

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Langdon Farms Logo Landscape transparent white 300x83 copy

Langdon Farms is a premiere golf course and event venue located just 15 miles south of downtown Portland, Oregon. It’s consistently rated highly among the best rated golf courses. In fact, called Langdon Farms one of the top golf courses in the area. Our mission is to be the best conditioned public golf course in the four county area. Local, regional and national golf writers have all recognized us as a ‘truly unique golf experience’ as a result. We invested in year-round dry conditions well before it was the ‘cool’ thing to do.
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24377 NE Airport Road
Aurora, OR 97002 USA


(503) 678-4653

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