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Guest Blog Contributed by Chamber Member Edge One Media

If you are passionate about a certain cause, consider connecting your business to it! Edge One Media is passionate about making an impact against cancer and has been heavily involved with organizing its local Relay for Life for 5 years! While doing our best to benefit the fight against cancer, inversely, being involved with Relay for Life has benefitted Edge One. We’re sure that we can all agree that supporting a good cause while growing your business is a pretty good deal!

Our main goal as businesses is to reach those who need our services while distinguishing ourselves from our competitors. In this ever-evolving business environment, consumers already expect great service, now they are weighing how you are making the world a better place as well. What’s a better way to do so than becoming involved with like-minded members of your community?

Connecting your business to a cause will increase your network. Whether it is communicating with those in charge of organizing, other businesses involved, or businesses communicating with you because you are organizing. Working with other socially-conscious businesses can lead to referrals or an opportunity to build strong mutually beneficial partnerships.

Being involved and working with the community will show that you are more than just a business looking out for its own. This will generate exposure for your business in good light. Getting to know the community personally will make people more comfortable in reaching out to you or easier for them to refer you to a friend.

Presenting the opportunity and encouraging your employees to volunteer can help boost employee morale and teamwork. Employees feeling fulfilled leads to higher performance and productivity. Consumers and employees alike are becoming more socially conscious, wanting to make a difference as much as they want to enjoy what they are doing. Creating a way your employees can help can give them an opportunity that they otherwise may not have known about, potentially creating or growing a passion for the cause in the process.

It is important that you share what your business is doing with pictures/video on your website and social media. Rather than coming off as a simple brag – explain the cause and who else involved while showing others how they can become involved as well.

If you aren’t quite sure how you can connect your business to a cause, there are plenty of ways! Be aware of any issues your community/city/state may be experiencing, serve on a community or event board, donate, or participate/plan/host community events.

One of the best ways to get involved with your community is to create a promotion, giveaway, or contest. From creating a promotion where all or a percentage of the profits will be donated or a contest where students can win a prize for their school, Edge One Media can work with you to develop a campaign aimed towards helping a cause that will generate business for you as well.  If you are interested, give us a call at 503-567-7343.


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