25 Ways to Bring Halloween to Your Business

Halloween is coming up and that marks that time of year when every time you blink there’s another holiday right around the corner. It can be exhausting but also a fantastic time to reach out to existing customers and get new ones.

Holiday marketing is fun and helps people get to know you better. So why not start planning now!?

Here are 25 things you can do to make the most of Halloween.

First, let’s start with thirteen easy social media post ideas and then we’ll cover 12 more marketing and fun activities to do.

Social Media Post Ideas

1. Post a funny Halloween meme to your social pages.

2. Dress up and take a picture in your Halloween best (or worst).

3. If you have a business where customers come in, have some photo props (you can print them off of Pinterest) and take pics of your customers. Give them a special discount for being good sports and allowing you to post them.

4. Post a scary recipe.

5. Create an image post that tells people what type of costume to wear based on the month they were born in or the color of their shirt. Don’t have time for that? Do a web search. They’re out there. Use one that someone else created.

6. Write a fun review of a local haunted house.

7. Post about the scariest thing you’ve ever been through. Bonus points if it’s funny.

8. Admit to an irrational fear. Again, the funnier the better.

9. Change everyone’s name in the office to something Halloween-ish for the day. Give them special name tags and introduce them on social media. For instance, Valerie becomes Vampira and she takes a bite out of bad service.

10. Host a staff pumpkin decorating contest and encourage people to vote for the best one on social media.

11. Post a flash sale on social. Make the order code or coupon code something Halloweenie.

12. Repost awesome Halloween costumes.

13. Use a Halloween hashtag for all of your holiday fun.

Additional Halloween Business Marketing and Fun Ideas

1. Give your product a Halloween spin. For instance, a thrift store can focus on DIY inexpensive Halloween costumes.

2. Send out a Halloween email coupon good for one day only.

3. Write a blog about your business and Halloween.

4. Send an employee out in front of your business dressed in a costume with a sign. They will get attention.

5. Decorate your windows in Halloween fun. Not creative? Grab a few simple spider webs from a dollar store and decorate the corners of your doors and windows.

6. Challenge your employees to decorate their area for Halloween using only what’s at your business. You can do the same with creating costumes.

7. If you have a restaurant or a place that serves food, change the names of everything on the menu to something ghoulish for the day.

8. Show a new way to use your product for Halloween. Do demos in store. (Like using knives you sell to carve a pumpkin.)

9. Play eerie music at your business for the day. Most music sites offer Halloween playlists.

10. It may be too late to order branded treats but you can slap an address sticker or business card on a few treats as you hand them to customers.

11. Buy a fog machine and blow fog out your front door.

12. Keep your indoor lights low on Halloween and light up the rooms with electric candles and other non-fluorescent lights. But don’t make it so dark that it becomes a safety hazard.

Now that you have Halloween done, there are only twenty-two days until Thanksgiving. Get on it!

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