Holiday Tip: Customer Appreciation

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Guest Blog Contributed by Chamber Member
Laurie Tarter of Laurie Tarter, LLC

The holidays are a great time for businesses and nonprofits to express appreciation and connect with customers, donors, and clients in a more personal way. Instead of your standard social media post with the same old boring and predictable graphic, share a heartwarming video to express your appreciation. A holiday video can bring a smile, a laugh, make someone tear-up, or simply remind your customers of the great things you’ve shared this year. Either way, it’s much more memorable than a simple picture or text.  A bonus for creating a video is that you can also load it on your website and share it in an email too!

It does not have to be a professional production… use your phone and make it festive and fun! Keep in mind that you’re not trying to sell anything with your holiday video; it should express sincere gratitude and holiday sentiments while showcasing your company’s unique culture and personality.

It’s also important to remember that not everyone has the same religious beliefs. Show respect by choosing terms that aren’t associated with religion, such as “the holidays,” “this season,” and “at this time of year.”

Have a festive holiday – Lights! Camera! Action!

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