Keep Your Business in Check: Update Your Mailing Address Today!

Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade Reminds Business Owners to “Keep it Current” By Updating Their Mailing Address

Attention Oregon business owners and nonprofit leaders! The Oregon Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade, along with the Corporation Division, is spearheading an essential outreach campaign. The focus? To remind you to verify that your organization’s mailing address on file is accurate and current.

Why is This Important?

The Corporation Division holds the critical task of maintaining Oregon’s state business and nonprofit registry. A primary channel through which the division communicates vital information such as renewal notices is through mail. This means that the accuracy of the mailing addresses in their system is paramount.

A Call to Action from Secretary Griffin-Valade

Secretary Griffin-Valade emphasizes the significance of keeping your mailing address up-to-date. “Your business’s mailing address is the primary way we can get in touch with important information about your business, like when it’s time to renew,” she states. An outdated address could lead to missed communications, putting your business registration and even your business name at risk. Updating your address is a proactive step to safeguard your business identity and ensure you receive crucial updates promptly.

How Can You Update Your Address?

Updating your mailing address is straightforward:

  • Online: Visit the Corporation Division’s website and fill out the information change form.
  • By Mail: Send the completed form to the provided address.
  • In Person: You can also visit the office and submit the form directly.

Keep it Current!

The Secretary of State’s Office will continue to send periodic reminders throughout 2024 under the campaign banner “Keep it Current.” It’s more than just a slogan—it’s a crucial strategy to protect your business and stay informed.

In Conclusion

Let’s avoid any disruptions in your business operations or nonprofit activities. Take a moment to check and update your mailing address today. Stay ahead, stay informed, and ensure your business thrives with every opportunity. After all, an updated address ensures an updated business!

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