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As we all deal with COVID-19, many of us are facing a new challenge of working from home. It’s obviously much safer to stay at home and follow the guidance of the experts by reducing opportunities to spread the virus. The best thing we can all do is simply go with the flow. Creating a “new” normal is the key to survival during these challenging times. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help those adjusting to working remotely.

Create a routine – When you work from home, it is easy for work and home life to blend together if you establish a schedule like a normal workday, you can help solidify these lines. Choose a start, lunch, and end time. Set goals for the day about what you need to complete and create a to-do list.

Create a designated work spot – Find a place where you can be alone and avoid distractions. You want an area you can find your normal office items and have a seat where your chin is straight ahead and have a good chair for spinal support.

Give yourself breaks – Choose a few times throughout the day to give yourself and your brain a break. You can try adding simple stretches or short exercises to break up the sitting and get your blood flowing!

Stop working when you would leave the office – You still want to have a work-life balance even though work and home have now become the same place. Set a time that you are done working for the day and stick to it.

Social interaction – In the world of technology, even though you are working from home and social distancing, there are still plenty of ways to stay connected. You can try different forms of communication, such as email, text, and video calls to stay connected to work or your social life!

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