What Are Learning Gaps?

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In the world of education, we hear the term “learning gap” all the time. When a student begins to struggle or fall behind with their academic progression, we often refer to learning gaps as a reason why they are having trouble understanding the material. But what exactly are learning gaps, and how do they form? More importantly, how can we help close these gaps and get students back on track?

What Are Learning Gaps?

By definition, learning gaps are the difference between what a student is expected to have learned by a certain grade level versus what they have learned up to that point. In other words, a student is expected to have acquired a specific reading level by the time they complete any given grade or school year.… Read the rest

Local Wilsonville Brewery Offering Free Soup Copy of LEARN MORE ABOUT CHAMBER ENDORSED HEALTH PLANS2

Vanguard Brewing Company is giving free soup meals for those in-need during COVID-19.

Wilsonville, OR. – ​​Beginning Thursday, May 14, Vanguard Brewing Company will be serving in-need neighbors and friends with one FREE pint or quart of soup per day to anyone in need – no questions asked.

“With unemployment now around 20% in Oregon and so many of our fellow service, restaurant, and retail industries being affected, we want to give back to the community that supports us. We also hope this program (Soup On Us) grows enough to bring back some of our staff furloughed due to the government-mandated closures,” said Don Anderson, co-owner. 

“We think there’s a need for it,” said Lin Anderson, co-owner. “We just want to do our part, so we decided to convert our kitchen to make scratch-made soups ​for in-need neighbors to grab-and-go from 3 pm to 7 pm on Tuesday through Saturday.… Read the rest

Tips for Working from Home 1200 X 400 Mailchimp Boones

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As we all deal with COVID-19, many of us are facing a new challenge of working from home. It’s obviously much safer to stay at home and follow the guidance of the experts by reducing opportunities to spread the virus. The best thing we can all do is simply go with the flow. Creating a “new” normal is the key to survival during these challenging times. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help those adjusting to working remotely.

Create a routine – When you work from home, it is easy for work and home life to blend together if you establish a schedule like a normal workday, you can help solidify these lines.… Read the rest