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3 Storytelling Tips for Marketing a Boring Product/Service at the Holidays

Tips for Marketing a Boring Product or Service During the Holidays

We’re not here to call your baby ugly. But let’s face it, if you’re reading this article, you must think your product or service isn’t the sexiest, easiest to market. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t good potential. Storytelling can help enliven even the most common products. Through these marketing suggestions you can finish the holiday season strong and carry that momentum through next year.

Storytelling Tips for Marketing Boring Products and Services

Find the Hero of The Story

Your product or service—no matter how (traditionally) uninspiring—helps someone. Just figure out who and how. For instance, if you own a 5-minute oil change business, it may not be the sort of thing people get excited about, but you offer a very convenient service.… Read the rest

Massive Changes to Google Business Profile Management

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In their never ending quest to be more relevant to searchers, often to the confusion of business owners, Google has made some massive changes to their Google Business Profile Management.

5 big changes to Google Business Profile Management include:

Add Temporary and Permanent Closures

Google Posts for your search results – featuring updates, offers and events

Insights are now shown Performance Metrics

Suggested Edits – driven by user feedback and not just Business Owners

New Action Icons and Carousel – for more flexibility

You can read all about these changes and how they impact your business here. … Read the rest

Join us for Morning Spark Networking on 12/7/2022

Morning Spark Networking 12722 Goosehead Insurance Beltran Properties

Morning Spark Networking Event

Date: Wed. December 7th, 2022

Time: 7:45-9:00am

Host: Goosehead Insurance and Beltran Properties

Address: 29781 Town Center Loop West, Wilsonville, OR 97070


Our Morning Spark Networking events are great for meeting and making quality business connections. Our Chamber Ambassadors will welcome you and will offer to personally introduce you to anyone you’d like to meet. (Hint: our connection board shows you the business cards of everyone in the room)

Everyone is eligible to win great door prizes!

Complimentary coffee, tea, water and a light continental breakfast will be served

Guests are always welcome to join us for a fun, business-building morning. (*)

About our Hosts:

Goosehead Insurance: We understand the power of choice. More importantly, the benefits from making a smarter choice.… Read the rest

How to Build Untiring Customer Loyalty


Customer loyalty is essential to strong sales.After all, it’s easier to get repeat sales than it is to convince a new consumer to buy from you.But customer loyalty is something grown and nurtured,not bought or ordered. It takes time.

That time investment is worth it because it means more revenue and sticking power. Bill Zinke, Senior Vice President of Marketing at BELFOR Franchise Group said, “One of the key lessons from the pandemic has been [that], in good times, building customer loyalty can help you grow faster and more profitably, and in tough or challenging times, it can be the difference between surviving and going out of business.”

However, just because someone has been buying from you (or donating to you if you’re a non-profit) does not mean they are loyal.… Read the rest

Your Employees Are Likely Part of the Gig Economy – and That’s a Good Thing

Your Employees Are Likely Part of the Gig Economy and That’s a Good Thing

COVID forced many employees to work from home, whether they wanted to or not. As recovery continues employee and employers are deciding between their preferred work location.

Many employees chose to remain at home even when their business called them back. Some employers, on the other hand, decided to trim costs and allow employees to stay home indefinitely.

This battle between home and the office also created a third group — those who are leaving the traditional workforce to “do their own thing.” As we have seen with recent rising costs like skyrocketing property and rent, increasing fuel charges, and groceries, the dollar just isn’t covering what it used to.Salaries aren’t keeping up with costs. The average increase in salaries since 2021 is 3.4%, while the average increase in costs (the inflation rate) is 8.5%.… Read the rest