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Looking for insights to help you work with your people?

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The good folks at SCORE Portland have put together a fantastic package of webinars that are no charge, and don’t even require a signup.

They’ve got recordings on great teams, managing passive-aggressive behavior – virtually, conflict resolution, and many more.

If you’re struggling with this, or you want to take something you’re good at up a level, check out the SCORE Portland webinar page.

Here‘s the link to the page where you can choose from any of the webinars they’ve delivered.… Read the rest

Welcome Jessica Chanay to the Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce Team

Jessica Chanay

We’re very excited to announce Jessica Chanay has joined our Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce (WACC) team. She brings a diverse background to our team.

Jessica has a history of community service as a US Air Force veteran and prior work in the nonprofit sector where she supported hunger and homelessness prevention. She has turned her focus to the business community and believes strongly in the benefits of private-public partnerships. In 2016, she graduated with an MBA from Portland State University. She administered the Business Recovery Center (BRC) services in Oregon City and is now managing recovery efforts for Wilsonville, Sherwood, Newberg, and Keizer. BRC’s help business owners recover more quickly and respond to new economic opportunities. Her recovery team is reaching out to all small business owners, with a particular emphasis on those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic such minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses.… Read the rest

Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow

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The title of this article is supposed to be funny, but procrastination isn’t a laughing matter. In fact, procrastination can be severely impacting your business. It can affect sales, revenue, and employee happiness. But when work is tough and no news sounds good, it’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll handle the hard stuff on a better day. The problem is there will never be a perfect day to do the hard things. So, here’s how you can tackle today, what you could put off for tomorrow.

6 Ways to Stop Procrastinating
Procrastination is an excellent way to miss opportunities, and no one wants that. If you’ve found yourself procrastinating a lot recently, it’s time to get it under control. Take back your tomorrow, and get things done today with these tips and mental shifts.… Read the rest

Childcare For All Survey (closes 8/24/2022)

CC4A SurveyThe City of Wilsonville has asked us to share this important information with all Wilsonville businesses and all Wilsonville Residents:

“As the Childcare for All coalition seeks to build its coalition and network of supporters, including cities within the County, we are trying to get a clear picture of how childcare issues affect Wilsonville employers, employees, and families specifically. From an economic development standpoint, lack of access and unaffordability of childcare services are major workforce issues.”

Your answers to a super short survey will really help out!

If you are a Wilsonville resident scan the resident QR code or please go here to take the survey:

childcare survey resident
Childcare – Resident QR code

If you are a Wilsonville employer, scan the resident QR code or please go here to take the survey: the rest

5 Ways to Level Up Your Small Business Marketing (and yes, it’s time)

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If you’re interested in ways to reach more people, and you’re ready to start maximizing technology, it’s time to look at these business solutions:

List Building

You need an email list. It’s the best way to stay in touch with your customers, nurture them into a sale, and then remind them to come back. The other benefit to an email list is that it’s yours. You won’t lose access to it if you’re in Facebook jail or one of your social media platforms goes the way of MySpace (for those of you who are old enough to understand that reference). 

Here are a few ways to build an email list.

Marketing Automation

Now that you have a list, it’s time to start talking about marketing automation.… Read the rest