How to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

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Guest Blog Contributed by Chamber Member Dr. Alyssa Kurth of West Chiropractic


Tis the season for baking, parties, shopping, and – stress.  If you are finding it difficult to muster up the time or energy for your holiday obligations this year, here are a few tips to help you enjoy this holiday season!

  • Sleep.  Aim for a solid seven to eight hours of sleep per night.  While your body is resting, it is hard at work healing and repairing your cells.  Just like your phone needs to be charged, your body also needs to be recharged!
  • Moderation.  Holiday cooking and parties can make eating healthy and staying on track with your diet difficult.  Instead, try loading up on fresh fruit, veggies, and lean protein to help you fill up, and indulge less.
  • Move! Exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress hormones, blood pressure, and cholesterol.  It also helps burn extra calories (from your holiday indulgences) and improves your sleep quality!
  • Get Adjusted! Having your nervous system checked regularly for subluxation (misalignments in the body that inhibit proper nerve function) helps reduce stress and tension while increasing energy, immunity, sleep quality and adaptability.
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